Culzean Fairley

City Life Certification Director

Culzean grew up in Spokane and graduated from Lewis and Clark High School (Go Tigers!).  Her family is local and has always been supportive in whatever sport, career, volunteer opportunity, or adventure she decides to pursue.  Culzean first remembers understanding who Jesus is while on a mission trip to San Francisco with First Presbyterian Church Spokane.  While attending Western Washington University, Culzean learned more about what it meant to live a life fully devoted to following Jesus.  In Bellingham, Culzean led Young Life and coached cheerleading at Squalicum High School.  After moving back to Spokane, Culzean obtained her Master’s in Education while teaching at a local middle school. 


In early March of 2020, Culzean moved into West Central and felt the desire to get involved in her neighborhood.  This was put on pause when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Spokane.  When Culzean heard about the City Life Certification Director position, she knew she would be able to use her giftings to further YFC’s mission.  While teaching, Culzean always wished she had more opportunities to support the whole child and get to know her students in smaller group settings.  She is hopeful that some of her former students become involved in YFC programs.  Culzean is most excited about the future of the educational success program, helping students become accountable for their own learning, and creating community partnerships. 


Culzean’s ideal weekend would include a day trip somewhere near mountains and water, a long walk with her Husky, serving at Summit Spokane and sitting around a fire with friends.  She also enjoys golfing with her family and loves the challenge of trying to outdrive her dad and brother.


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