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Sully is a creative and compassionate young man who dreams of big things. He is one of our indigenous leaders who is serving in the West Central neighborhood. 

He is the guy everyone knows and wants to know. His vibrate personality takes over the room, and his energy is contagious. Like most, Sully has his own story, a journey of ups and downs. 

Born in Mexico, Sully moved to Spokane at a very young age with his parents. The transition was hard on his family. Sully recalls a fight his parents had when he was in 2nd grade, which resulted in his mom disappearing from his life for over six years. 

Then, Sully's life got even harder. When Sully's dad remarried, his new step-mother began abusing him. He was placed in foster care for a little under a year, moving from house to house, until his father got him back. Over time, Sully began to lean into his friends, finding himself at parties while coping with all the pain and unresolved tensions in his life. 

During Sully's freshman year of high school, his date for his homecoming dance ditched him. Hanging with some friends at the dance, he heard about a YFC event happening following the dance. 

With his determination to keep the night going, he agreed to attend. When Sully arrived at the West Central youth center, he met a leader named Jon that described YFC as "a place where Jesus gets turnt." For those of you who may not know what "turnt" means, Jon was essentially saying YFC is a place where we party with Jesus, as he knows the fun party scene is an easy way to draw kids in. 

As a kid who was always seeking out parties and distractions from life, Sully was intrigued. He began attending drop-ins, clubs, and other special events meeting leaders like Seth, Kurtis, and Alyssa. These leaders brought something to Sully's life that he desired but couldn't request from those around him. They were consistent, and that consistency motivated him and pushed him to strive for more. 

For two years, the leaders encouraged Sully to attend a YFC camp and explained how it would be a life-changing experience. Resistant to go, as Sully had participated in other church camps and questioned the "magic" they always talked about, he trusted his leaders, so he said yes. Sully, to this day, believes it is one of the best decisions he has ever made. 

At camp, leaders share their testimonies in a monolog format throughout the week. Sully shared with us how these stories hooked him into wanting to know more. He described it as other camps didn't fully crack the egg, but YFC broke the yoke all the way. Sully went from being at camp for the ladies and skeptical about God's "magical powers" to saying yes to the invitation of a relationship with God. 

When asked how leaders at YFC have helped him, Sully said, "I could talk to them about anything. I'd consider them my best friends. I don't know where I'd be if I hadn't met them." 

Sully described being able to ask his leaders everything about God and how they were always open to discovering the answers with him. He went on to describe that if YFC hadn't been apart of his life, he'd probably be homeless and making a lot of bad choices. But he told us that he's never spent much time thinking about it since he can't imagine his life without YFC and the leaders in his life. 

We asked Sully what he'd want the giving partners of YFC to know if he could tell them anything, and he said, "This is you guys. Show them the before and afters of kids stories. This is all God's work, but you're a part of the miracle." He continued to talk about how YFC isn't just a place where Jesus gets turnt, or that you are just hanging with friends, but that it's a place where kids are encouraged and made to feel loved and a place to be loved. 

Seeing Sully move from such a broken place, searching to fill a void, to now moving towards leadership through an apprenticeship at West Central youth center has been incredible! He attends weekly leadership classes at Whitworth University and is determined to help kids like him. He is an example of God's love and grace.

Your generosity is making a deep and generation impact in the live's of kids like Sully.

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