FAQ - What Does the Term “Indigenous Leaders” Mean?

Posted on by SpokaneYFC

 A large part of our mission at Spokane Youth for Christ is to see a long-lasting, positive change in communities by raising indigenous leaders. 

That sounds nice. However, if you are like many people, you may be wondering what the term "indigenous leaders" actually means.

The term "indigenous leaders" means that Spokane YFC is seeking to invest in and develop leaders that are from the under-resourced neighborhoods that we serve. Or as the Barr Foundation puts it, indigenous leaders are "people who live and work in distressed communities to bring positive change and are reflective of the demographics of those communities." This way, change comes from within the community, which will—prayerfully—have a long-term, lasting effect on under-resourced neighborhoods. 

To learn more about Spokane YFC's mission and how you can join us in changing communities for Christ, click here

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