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March 15th // Kris Grant

3/15/2019 in Category Staff Stories

City Ride: The Impact of Partnership

One of the key components of YFC’s mission statement is working with like-minded partners within the community to raise up lifelong followers of Christ.... More

October 1st // Kurtis McFadden

10/2/2018 in Category Staff Stories

Welcome to the Jungle Garden.
October 1st // Kurtis McFadden 

I see West Central as a garden…or perhaps a jungle is a more appropriate descriptor. It’s not a perfectly symmetrical English... More

March 15th // Kurtis McFadden

3/15/2018 in Category Staff Stories

I made a dreadful mistake in high school. Somehow I decided it was a wise idea to take a few online English classes to cancel out my English requirements for graduating both high school and... More

December 1st // Jeff Ross

12/1/2017 in Category Staff Stories

forcibly separated into two or more pieces, fractured,  shattered.

        Over the last 11 months, we have been preparing to launch our new YFC location right in the... More

November 1st // Melinda Lucas

11/1/2017 in Category Staff Stories

"To say it simply - show up."

       This last Saturday when our two and a half year old woke up from her nap we asked her if she wanted to put on her costume and go trick or treating. We... More