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Sully’s Story | Spokane Youth for Christ

8/26/2020 in Category /uploads/default/Yazmines_Story.jpg Stories of Impact

Sully is a creative and compassionate young man who dreams of big things. He is one of our indigenous leaders who is serving in the West Central neighborhood. 

He is the guy everyone knows... More

FAQ — What Does Under-Resourced Mean?

8/20/2020 in Category FAQs

Our mission at Spokane Youth for Christ is to break the cycle of poverty in under-resourced neighborhoods by raising young leaders who live in the communities we serve. 

But what does the... More

Yazmine’s Story | Spokane Youth for Christ

8/11/2020 in Category /uploads/default/Yazmines_Story.jpg Stories of Impact

God’s story is in the Bible. It is a story of the creation, the fall, and of redemption. God’s story is one of provision and great love. And, it is a story that intertwines into each one of... More

10 Reasons Outdoor Activities Can Help Break the Cycle of Poverty

8/7/2020 in Category Articles

According to Business Insider, poverty in our world is one of the top concerns for Americans. As a community, we deeply desire to have people's basic needs met, and yet, few seem to know the... More

July 2020 Impact Report

8/6/2020 in Category Impact Report

July 2020 Youth for Christ Impact Report