Our newest YFC ministry, reaching subculture youth in our community.

2017 Summer Schedule


SIC (Skaters In Christ) Thursday: 6-8pm message.
Joe Albi Skatepark
*Location varies based on weather*
Contact staff for more info, and to join the Facebook group.

BCM: Thursday morning 6:30am-7:45am, Hillyard YFC building
Black Coffee Mornings including breakfast and bible teaching (guys only)

Pre-SIC Bible Study: 4:30 PM West Central
In-depth look at the scripture in a smaller group setting
West Central Indaba (Thursday)
An Introduction to Spokane YFC’s newest program, Unified Underground (UU):

UU is a ministry of YFC that focuses on reaching underground subculture youth with the gospel of Christ nationwide -- youth of the anti-social or anti-establishment persuasion, ie. punks, goths, the hardcore music culture, gamers, underground hip-hop, tribal skateboarder & snowboarding cultures,  etc. It takes time to become a member of nonconformist groups like this, and our goal is to meet kids where they’re at by creating space for relationship building around their unique area of interest.



Why Unified Underground is Necessary:

No organization has specifically focused on reaching the outcast groups of the underground subcultures until
now. YFC has embraced this call to be the flagship for reaching the subcultural tribes of youth that exist in the
United States. These youth are in desperate need to know that Jesus Christ loves them just as they are,
regardless of their personal appearance or unconventional interests. 

What Makes Unified Underground Unique:

What sets our ministry apart is the people we are called to reach. Underground subculture youth associate
themselves with the tribe they best identify with (e.g. punk, hardcore, metal, hip-hop, goth, skateboarders,
snowboarders, etc.), often to the exclusion of others. Our UU staff and associate staff are from and continue to
be a part of the cultures they reach. Our staff is strategically recruited because they know the social morays and
tribal youth cultures they are reaching.

Our Method:

UU hosts local shows and allows both Christian and secular bands to mingle within their culture. We organize
events and trips that allow shared experiences to occur, such as skate and snowboarding trips, or gaming tournaments. We employ YFC’s “3 Story” model that leads to changed lives (Their story, My story, God’s story). In addition we hold weekly Bible studies to educate subcultural youth who are normally opposed to any form of organized religion. Our UU Bible Studies become a bridge to faith and eventually the church as we foster discipleship. Currently we have a number of strong indiginous leaders leading weekly bible studies at a local skate park to reach their own friends. 

Interested in learning more about UU?

Contact our Director of Unified Underground:
Shane Thompson || 509.389.3992  ||  [email protected]