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If you're receiving this email, you're one of our valued monthly partners. We're excited to let you know that we are implementing a new giving platform, GivingFuel!

What's the Plan?

Switching to Giving Fuel will allow us to save valuable time and money each month processing gifts. The faster that we're able to make this transition, the better set up we are to be thoughtful stewards of the resources we are given!

With this in mind, we're asking that you make the switch as soon as you're able. Here's how:

Visit the link provided and re-sign up for your monthly gift.
Once you're set up we will receive an alert and cancel your gift in the old system.
We'll confirm with you that everything is all set!

NOTE: If you support more than one staff member, program or ministry site monthly you will receive more than one email and will need to follow the above steps for each of your gifts.

What's New?

Giving Fuel provides some wonderful new features that allow you as the giver more flexible options for your giving! Electronic Check (ACH) giving is now available, which means that you can join us in our attempt to eliminate the processing fees involved with credit card giving. This automatic bank-to-bank transfer system is safe, efficient, and allows 100% of your gift to go directly toward the ministry!

Additionally, if you'd like to continue giving via credit card, there is now an option to cover the 2.95% credit card processing fee on behalf of Spokane YFC, so that 100% of your gift will go toward ministry programs.

Again, thank you so much for your ministry support and friendship. We're so honored to be a part of this good work with you, and look forward to growing together and serving our city well!

Visit the following link to switch over your monthly gift supporting our general fund, ministry sites, or staff members:


Need help?

We're happy to answer any questions, to make this process as smooth as possible! Call the main office at 509.327.7721 or contact [email protected] for assistance.