Matt Bergman Bio

City Life Director / Hillyard

Matt grew up in Lake Stevens WA. He is the youngest of 3 kids. His brother Josh and sister Kristi are a huge part of his life and considers them some of his best friends. His parents split up while he was in high school, and have since remarried. Matt's family is a huge reason why he is doing ministry today. Their love for Jesus and support for ministry have made doing ministry possible for him. Matt attended Northwest U after high school, and is currently in school again.

Matt's mentor Tom Davis asked him to come and check out YFC and see what he thought. After several interactions with these kids he was hooked. Becuase of the many people who poured into and mentored Matt throughout the years, he knew the positive impact that a Christian male could make in the lives of young people, especially in youth from broken homes. He started the first Middle school club in Hillyard, and continues to grow that program today. Matt says, “having these kids come into our buildings, eat a meal, play games, and hear about Jesus makes everything worth it”. In 2016, Matt also began building a sports ministry program for YFC kids and community partners, and he is excited about expanding in the coming years! 

Matt is a huge Seattle sports fan. He enjoys being adventurous and being outside. He loves to be creative and make board games with his brother and cousin. Loves spending time with family and friends. He is also a big movie lover.


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