Charlie Bufford Bio

Charlie Bufford

Charlie is YFC's newest intern, serving at the new location Downtown. For years Charlie has been strongly drawn to working in the streets, and working with youth. Over the past several years Charlie has been involved working with youth through summer camps, short and long term outreach efforts in the inner city, outreach and rescue to young women trapped in sex-trafficking, and public speaking, with a passion to unify the Church and draw people into a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Downtown has become a deep well that so many homeless and hurting youth seem to find themselves trapped in with seemingly no way to escape. Charlie is excited to join those who have been called and ignited to work downtown and join the fight to bring light to the darkest spots in the city!

Charlie has fallen in love with the culture of YFC and is excited for the opportunity to continue growing relationships. Since he and his wife, Carolina, were introduced to YFC in 2012, they have both felt a strong sense of family among YFC staff and friends!