Director of Staff and Volunteer Development

Director of Staff/Volunteer Development is the primary contact person for recruiting, training and arranging participation by volunteers for Spokane YFC events and programs. This position is full time and reports directly to the Executive Director. 

We are looking for someone who will facilitate the matching of potential volunteers with an appropriate ministry and maintain a volunteer database. They will design, arrange and conduct ongoing orientation, assimilation and training programs for volunteers and be a resource to staff on working with volunteers. They will also work to ensure that excellent care, on-the-job coaching, and adequate supervision is provided for each volunteer. The need is to recruit, train and care for our volunteer teams throughout four City Life youth centers. We currently have 50 volunteers but desire to grow to 150. This person will create and implement a comprehensive development program primarily for volunteers and for staff to some degree. This person is responsible for ensuring all staff and volunteer development activity complies with YFC vision, mission, goals, policies and procedures, and applicable laws. 

Full Job Description 

To apply, please submit a resumé, statement of faith, and letter of intent to [email protected]

If you're interested in other ways of getting involved with YFC, please consider becoming a volunteer leader! Application HERE.