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I've been thinking a lot lately about all of the kids we work with all over Spokane with YFC. The number one issue plaguing our youth today is Fatherlessness. So many of these kids are trying to deal and wrestle with the fact that dad isn't a part of their life at all, having been abandoned from the ones who should really love them the most. As we build relationships with kids and remain a consistent presence in their lives through the good, the bad and the ugly, we get the privilege to show them the FATHERS love; The love of a God who never leaves, never abandons, and never gives up! I want to share the story of a young 15 year old girl whose life turned upside down when her father walked out — gone for good. The father daughter relationship is so key, and this young person so desperately just wants her father in the picture, but that wont happen, so she is left to try her best to move on, pretend that everything is ok, and try mask all the pain. I’ve gotten her permission to share a story she wrote for a class project.


“A dad? What's that? My dad doesn't feel like my dad. People may say I have daddy issues, but I don't think so. My dad use to be my best friend, I used to love him more than anything. He truly was my best friend.  When I was little, dad and I would watch Little Bill together and eat peanut butter sandwiches.

It's crazy that I can remember that because it was so long ago, before he and my mom got a divorce. It was hard for me when they split up, not being able to come home and see him, but I guess I became used to it, at least that's what I thought. As I got older, I started missing him more. As time passed by he moved into his own apartment, so my little sister and I could go stay the night with him.

At first it was fun, but he would say ‘I'm coming to get you this weekend.’ I would wait and wait on the front steps, wait and wait and wait. Then I would begin to cry, my mom would come out and say, ‘He's not coming sweetie, come inside.’ I would stay out there, because I would think; ‘He's got to come,’ still trying to have faith in him, but he didn't come, so I went back inside and looked out the window, still crying, still hoping he would show up. Then hours later he would call and say, ‘I'm sorry something came up.’

One day, I came home from school, running in the front door, asking my mom if I could use her phone to call up my dad, the phone rang three times; ring, ring, ring he picked up.

‘Hey dad!’
‘Hey baby girl,’ he would say.
‘Where are you dad?’ 
‘I moved sweetie.’

When he said that, it felt like everything just crashed, tears came running down my face really fast. 

‘Why did you leave me dad?’ 
‘I wanted to try something new,’ he responded.

The part that really hurt me was that he didn't even tell me, he just left me! He was gone. And there was nothing I could do about it! A couples months went by, he came back and I was so happy. But then he left again and again! When I turned 13, he left once more. I was so angry, I just gave up, and this time he didn't come back. I would say I didn't care, but God knows I did.

It started coming out in my behavior at school. I was so angry and hurt. I got arrested then locked up! It affected me a lot but now I'm still learning to deal with it. It’s hard but daily I'm getting through it. My dad broke my heart before any boy had the chance to.” 


Every one of the young people that have the privilege of coming alongside has their own story. The love of God is in hot pursuit of every soul. Please pray for and with us at YFC as well as all of the youth that we get to hang with, and pray that these kids can have a real tangible encounter with the love of God who never gives up on them!!

Jeff Ross
City Life Director Downtown
[email protected]


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