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Galatians 6:9: "Let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not."

       Anybody involved in relational ministry memorizes this verse and holds on to it like a lifeline.  I can tell you, It’s one thing to read it and agree with what it says but it’s a completely different reality actually believing it.  Are we willing to wait as long as it takes to see a return on our investment?  Do we honestly believe that we can plant a seed and expect it to sprout up the next day?  No.  People aren’t products built on assembly lines, you can’t pour more money in and hope it speeds up production.  Relationships, much like seeds, take nurturing.  Our job as ministers of the Gospel is to plant seeds, help water those seeds, and let God provide the increase.  The short testimony I'm about to share is the result of 7 years of weekly, deep-rooted investment by many people in the life of one student.  

    Last week, I received a text from a student I have walked alongside since his 7th-grade year at Shaw middle school.  He is now a young adult, out of school and figuring out life on his own.  The message read this “Shane I really need to meet with you tomorrow, I’m going through some tuff stuff”.  So we did.  He began to tell me about his relationship with a young lady he had been dating for the past 5 months.  He started our conversation by telling me that the night before we met up, he sat her down and said he can’t keep investing in this relationship unless she seeks a relationship with God first.  Take into consideration that he had this conversation with her happened the night before he and I met up.  He continued to say that he believes he had built this relationship on all the wrong things, things of the flesh, and now truly desires a pure, Christ-centered relationship with her.  Out of all the years that I have known this dude, this was one of the most mature and difficult decisions I have witnessed him work through.  He was willing to put it all on the line to seek God first.  After a few hours together, the truth came out that his true desire was to be single so he could deepen his relationship with God without the distraction of an unhealthy relationship.  He knew that if they split up, they would both have the best opportunity to seek God on their own! WOW! After I dropped him off at home, he texted me later that he decided to end the relationship.  

    This may not seem like the most earth-shaking, life-altering story, but for him and me, it was!  These are the tender moments we constantly pray for.  The moment when a young person makes a Godly decision on their own.  Most of these youth will age out of our programs at some point, but they will never age out of our lives.  We are called to be a constant reminder of God’s love no matter how much time goes by.  I didn’t join YFC to help people get a return on their investment, I joined because I know these kids need someone who is willing to stick around and return a text at 11 pm on a Sunday night.  All the glory belongs to God!


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